Road Traffic Act Nr.I./1988. (Road Traffic Act) will be amended as of 1st July, 2011. Persons transgressing rules on

  • speed limits (’speeding’)
  • use of seat belts
  • disregarding a red traffic control signal (’running a red light’)
  • driving under the influence of alcohol (’drunk driving’)

as provided for in the amended sections of the Road Traffic Act may be fined.

Provided that the offender can be identified at the scene of the incident, a fine of 10 000-300 000 HUF may be imposed during a traffic control without the issuance of a formal resolution.

The vehicle may be seized and impounded without the issuance of a resolution until the fine has been paid or a deposit for the money claim provided. The authority proceeding in the case shall inform the driver concerning the amount of the fine imposed, the location where the vehicle is to be impounded and the route by which it can be accessed, as well as about the legal provisions pertaining to the procedure. Information will be provided in writing, in one of the following languages: Hungarian, English, German, or Russian.

Whenever the authority determines that the vehicle is to be seized, the vehicle licence should be handed over to the authority for the duration of the impoundment. At the same time the driver will be given a notice acknowledging that the vehicle has been seized and impounded and the vehicle licence handed over. If the driver does not claim a vehicle licence issued by a foreign authority within three days of the release of the vehicle, the authority proceeding in the case shall send the vehicle licence to the issuing authority.

In case it can be established during a traffic control that the driver or the registered keeper of the vehicle has not paid a fine imposed in a preceding administrative procedure, the authority proceeding in the case shall seize and impound the vehicle.