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Important notice regarding Letter of Invitations / Guaranties!

In line with the relevant Hungarian and Schengenregulations, Letter of Invitations / Guaranties should be presented in originalforms. Recently, some visa applications for the purpose of business or shortprofessional training, participating in conference, visit to family / friends,cultural / sport events etc. were filed to the Consular Section of theConsulate General of Hungary in Chongqing with only the copy of the Letter ofInvitations / Guaranties. In line with the above mentioned regulations thefollowings are hereby stated and will be strictly implemented:


1.     Letter ofInvitations / Guaranties scanned and sent via e-mail are not accepted asoriginal documents, but only as copies.


2.     Visaapplications may be filed with only the copy of the Letter of Invitation /Guaranties presented at the beginning of the visa procedure, but the originaldocuments should be presented in all cases within 15 days.


3.     Personal Letterof Invitations issued for the purpose of visit to family / friends should benotarized by the relevant authorities of the country where the inviter is legallyresiding and so the invitation is valid to.


4.     Official Letterof Guaranties issued for the purpose of visit to family / friends should bepresented in original forms as described above.


Other regulations regarding Letter of Invitations /Guaranties remain unchanged. The Consular Section of the Consulate General ofHungary in Chongqing remains the right to ask for further supporting documents.If needed by visa applicant, the original Letter of Invitations / Guarantieswill be handed back to applicants after seen by staff of the Consular Sectionof the Consulate General of Hungary in Chongqing.