Visa Application Center in Chongqing

Aiming at improving the quality of service and providing better application facilities for Schengen visa applicants, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary has authorized CITS Overseas Travel Co. Ltd. to operate the Hungarian Visa Application Center in Chongqing.


Visa applications where Hungary is the main traveling destination may be handed in in the Visa Application Center, thus visa applications where any of the represented country is the main traveling purpose should be handed in directly at the Consulate General. Visa applications for the purpose of visiting family or friends should be handed in directly at the Consulate General too.

Applicants can submit their visa applications without prior appointment at the Visa Application Center located at Chongqing, Yuzhong District, Minzu Street 123, 4th Floor in the Construction Bank complex. The Visa Application Center is open from 09:00am to 18.00pm, Monday to Friday. Phone number: (023) - 6373 - 0222, web: Inquiries regarding the visa application procedure can be sent as well to

The Consulate General of Hungary retains all rights regarding making the decision on an application, calling the applicant for a personal interview, requesting additional supporting materials etc. CITS has no influence on the decision in any application case.

Submission at the Visa Application Center is not compulsory. Applicants can also submit their applications at the Consular Section of the Consulate General.