Information updated: 15th of September, 2008

Regulations on a stay exceeding three months fall within the competence of Hungarian national authorities, therefore there is no uniform routine among the Schengen Member States. Foreign nationals requesting an entry to Hungary with a purpose of a long stay, may submit an application for residence permit. In case of successful application, s/he will get a visa authorizing him/her to a single entry for receiving a residence permit and to stay for a maximum of 30 days in Hungary. The decision on the application for residence permit falls within the competence of the respective Regional Directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality (BÁH) - hereinafter referred to as: Regional Directorate.

Family members of EU/EEA (European Economic Area) nationals with the right of free movement may enter Hungary with a short-stay visa (C) – even, if they intend to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days. In such cases, within 93 days from the entry, the family member shall apply for a residence card from the Regional Directorates.


The applicant must submit the application personally at the Consular Department after having obtained an appointment from the VODAFONE Visa Appointment Center or from the Consular Department.

Supporting Documents for the Application

1. General requirements

  • Valid passport (the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at least 3 months),
  • A photocopy of the personal data page of the passport,
  • 2 passport-sized colour photos not older than 6 months (see the General Information on the Photo Requirements of the Residence Permit Application for further information),
  • A wholly and legibly completed and signed visa application form that can be obtained free of charge from the Consular Department, or can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy (, or from that of the Office of Immigration and Nationality (BÁH) (
  • In case the applicant is not an Egyptian citizen, certificate/proof certifying lawful stay in Egypt,
  • Supporting documents of the purpose of stay,
  • Supporting documents of the accommodation,
  • Supporting documents of the subsistence,
  • Health insurance.

2. The purpose of the visit shall be certified with the following documents

  • In case of a residence permit for employment or other gainful activity
    • a work permit,
    • a contract of employment,
    • a document certifying occupancy in Hungary, and
    • a certificate on how the person will make a living until s/he receives his first salary
      (bank account statement, employer’s certificate that he will pay an advance to the applicant etc.).
      a certificate on the character of the gainful activity (the articles of association),
    • the resolution on the court registration of the enterprise,
    • a document certifying occupancy in Hungary,
    • a certificate on the acquisition of the qualification necessary for filling the position,
    • a declaration, certificate on the (expected) yearly income,
    • a certificate of the amount of money at the person’s disposal in Hungary,
    • the simplified balance sheet of the previous year (for a firm already operating),
    • the certificate that the firm has no public debt (for a firm already operating),
    • If the firm has Hungarian employees: their employment contracts.
    • In case of a new enterprise: a brief business plan.
  • In case of a residence permit for purpose of studies
    • a certificate of school attendance,
    • a document certifying accommodation-arrangement in Hungary
      (in a student hostel, or the tenancy contract with a duplicate of the title deed),
    • the documents certifying subsistence in Hungary
      (bank account statement and the declaration of the parents that they assume coverage of all costs of the stay in Hungary or the document certifying the scholarship), and
    • Attestation of the school, that the applicant is exempt from the payment of school fees, or he/she has already paid the tuition fees.
  • In case of a residence permit for purpose of family reunification
    • a document certifying occupancy in Hungary,
    • a document certifying subsistence in Hungary,
    • a marriage certificate and/or birth certificate, and
    • a copy of the passport of the Hungarian relative.
  • In case of a residence permit for the purpose of visitation
    • a letter of invitation, issued and endorsed by the respective Regional Directorate, or the letter of invitation in the form of a public notarial document,
    • a certificate of the average income of the inviting party,
    • a duplicate of the title deed, and
    • a copy of the passport or the personal identification document of the inviting party.
  • In case of a residence permit for the purpose of medical treatment
    • the name and address of the health institution providing the treatment,
    • a certificate/statement on the character? nature, and the expected duration of the medical treatment,
    • a certificate/proof on the availability of the sufficient financial coverage for the medical treatment and the stay in Hungary,
    • the certification/proof of accommodation-arrangement in Hungary, provided that the applicant does not stay overnight within the medical institution,
    • in case of a minor, child or a family member in need of help: the certification/proof of the accommodation and the subsistence of the accompanying person(s).


  • The Consul may request the presentation of further documents in addition to the ones outlined above. All documents must be submitted in English and/or in Hungarian.
  • Documents shall be annexed to the applications being submitted in the original. If the applicant needs the original document, then a photocopy shall also be annexed besides presenting the original document for verification.
  • Any information on the application are given only to the applicant, or to those, who are legally authorized (duly signed and stamped by a notary public) by the applicant.

Visa fee

Application for a residence permit: EUR 60.


  • The visa fee shall be paid upon submitting the application.
  • The visa fee shall be paid exclusively in EUR banknotes.

Applications for Visas free of charge to:

  • Children under the age of 14 and entered into the passport of the parent,
  • Children under the age of 6, travelling with their own passports,
  • Family members of EEA citizens.

Visa application processing time

The Regional Directorate processes the applications within 30 days.

Rejection of the visa application

In case of refusal, the client may lodge an appeal within 5 days from the notification. The appeal shall be submitted directly to the processing Regional Directorate. The written resolution on the rejection contains the necessary information on the possibilities of legal remedy.

General Information on the Photo Requirements
of the Residence Permit Application

Two photographs shall be attached to the Residence Permit Application Form.

The photographs must be:

  • no more than six months old,
  • in colour,
  • sized as for licences (35-40 mm wide),
  • sharp, clear and of good quality,
  • full-face (showing the entire head and the top of the shoulders),
  • taken in front of a light background,
  • without a head-dress, except for religious reasons,
  • taken directly from the front.

Glasses are permitted, provided that that the eyes remain clearly visible and there is no reflection in the lenses. Head-dress is permitted only for religious reasons, provided that all facial details are still clearly visible and the head-dress does not cast any shadow over the face.

Examples of acceptable photographs:

Examples of non-acceptable photographs:

disturbing background

shadow over the face

hair covers half the face

The photographs attached to the Residence Permit Application Form must satisfy the requirements listed above. If those are not met, the applicant will be asked to present new photographs that satisfies the requirements.

Application for Visa authorizing stay longer than 3 months