UN designates 5 September as International Day of Charity

At the initiative of Hungary, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution by consensus to designate 5 September, the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa, as the International Day of Charity. The designation of the International Day of Charity will create a universal platform to enhance visibility, organize special events, create synergies and thereby further increase public support for charity.

In his introductory statement, H. E. Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the UN, highlighted that charity, as a way of thinking, provides real social bonding and contributes to the creation of inclusive and more resilient societies. “Charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises, supplement public services in health care, education, housing and child protection. It assists the advancement of culture, science, sports, the protection of cultural and natural heritage. It also promotes the rights of the marginalized and underprivileged and spreads the message of humanity in conflict situations.”

The resolution was co-sponsored by 44 Member States representing all five regions of the United Nations. The cross-regional support of the initiative reflects the universal recognition of charity and the enduring relevance of selfless giving in today’s world.

The statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of Hungary can be downloaded here.